The Industry’s Move Towards Swiss-type Sliding Head Machining!!!

Swiss-type Sliding Head Machining

When we talk about Swiss sliding head machines, then they have a primary advantage which is they come from both geometry and mechanics and guide bushing in the tool zone. The best part is that the components in the swiss machines vibrate and deflect much less during the machining as compared to the traditional lathe. Also, due to the relatively compact nature, the tools don’t move very far from each other and the chip-to-chip time from one tool to the next gets shorter.

A sliding head machine can even design complex parts while utilizing simultaneous operations. This allows cutting of three or even four tools at a time. Since a sliding head machine can do all the tasks including reaming, drilling, sawing and milling, there’s no need to go for secondary operations. All you have to do with the sliding head machine is set it up, drop the stock in a bar loader and just leave the machine to do its work. You can leave it unattended and it’ll still design parts that are of high quality and ready to ship.

Shops that deal with swiss machines like Tornos, Tsugami, Citizen, Star, Hanwha, etc.are capable of designing long runs of complex and smaller parts at a cheaper rate and in a less amount of time. This also provides an added advantage of freeing up other equipment to design other larger parts. If you too are in search of a shop that can run high-tolerance and small parts in large quantity, then don’t forget to look for sliding head machines at your supplier’s machine shop.

Due to one step completion and the ability of the component to easily move around the tool, swiss machine also decreases the cycle times and offer more efficiency. The software that is utilized with the swiss machine also speeds up the whole process. As a result, programmers can watch a component being run utilizing the simulation. With this the corrections and setup can be machined faster. With CNC swiss machines, the time taken to design components is reduced in comparison to the older machines.

This amazing technology is capable of machining smaller workpieces while using less bar stock and billet. Also, smaller bar stock are less expensive and hence saves a lot of money.

You’d be surprised to know that as many as 28 manual tools can be mounted at once on a sliding head machine depending on the make and model. Considering this one can use a variety of techniques simultaneously with single process machining.

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The Industry’s Move Towards Swiss-type Sliding Head Machining!!!
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