Grinding Wheels and Dressing Tools

We, at Machenzzo, understand that grinding is the final process on a component and requires careful consideration of quality. We have therefore been at the forefront of bringing you the leading and latest grinding and dressing technology in India so that you can rest assured about the best quality and lowest cost for grinding wheels. The advantages offered by us include world’s shortest lead time in Gear Dresser and Dia Roll Dresser Delivery, which is less than half of what anyone else can provide. We deliver very high quality and high life for CBN and Diamond grinding wheels. These wheels serve applications like Tool Grinding, Crankshaft Grinding, Camshaft Grinding and other profile grinding applications with CBN and Diamond Grinding Wheels.

Gear Dressers / Diamond Roller Dressers

Diamond roller dressers and Gear Dressers are used for forming and dressing conventional abrasive grinding wheels and CBN wheels. Our dressers are available in electroplated-type, reverse-plated-type as well as sintered-type. We provide industry’s shortest lead time of 4 to 6 weeks for duty paid delivery at your premise which is less than half the lead time compared to 16 weeks committed by competitors. Thus, we help you get more competitive by reducing your NPD lead time.


Super Abrasives – CBN and Diamond Wheels

We have supplied the world’s largest vitrified CBN crankshaft grinding wheel, for marine crankshaft grinding. Our CBN/D vitrified and resinoid abrasives are a proof of our excellence in the field. Be it CBN crankshaft grinding, CBN camshaft grinding, Diamond Tool Grinding Wheels or any special application, we have complete solution for you. We are your partners of choice for the most trusted and reliable CBN Grinding Wheels..

Gear Profile Grinding Wheels

Our Gear Profile Grinding wheel have been appreciated throughout the Indian industry for our quality as well as life. Our expertise in gear making solutions is second to none. Machenzzo is a global leader in Ceramic Gear Grinding Wheels or Gear Grinding Worms for high high speed gear grinding.

Centerless Grinding Wheel for the Bearing Industry - Rough and Finish Dual Grit 2-in-1 combined wheel.

Centerless Grinding for Bearing Industry

Why pay for two wheels when you can get the job done with only one?! Our dual-specification wheel allows you to grind your parts to the needed dimensions and finish tolerances faster and more efficiently.

Centerless Grinding Wheel for the Bearing Industry – Rough and Finish Dual Grit 2-in-1 combined wheel.

Cut-Off Wheels

For your applications of large diameter cut-off wheels, we specialize in cut-off wheels of sizes greater than 400mm diameters and are India’s largest suppliers of such grinding wheels.


Honing Tools

Whether precision, tool life quantity, rationalization effects – with our honing tools you realize your objectives in every respect. Be it track honing, bore honing or flat honing, we provide the industry’s leading honing tools for cross hatch and plateau finish in the shortest lead times in the industry.

Micro-Grinding Wheels

Our superabrasive micro-grinding wheels of CBN and Diamond start from 0.5 mm diameter and are available for various applications like ID grinding, surface grinding, cutting discs, cup wheels, etc. With Swiss-precision and quality, our wheels will bring the best tool life possible for your micro-grinding applications like syringes and other medical technology applications


Rubber Bonded Wheels

Our Rubber Control/Regulating Wheels are specially made for Center-less grinding so as not to compromise the finishing degree obtained with the wheel. These regulating wheels are very hard and wear resistant even through exercising an excellent driving action. They are designed to work for both Plunge & Creep Feed applications.

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