Turning & Milling Tools

Turning Tools

For all your turning applications, we have a tool that suits your exact needs in a cost effective way. ID or OD, front or back turning, roughing or finishing, or something outside of the conventional operations, we have the correct solution for you. Ask us for a solution and we will get back in no time.


Grooving and Parting-off Tools

From Carbide to CBN, we provide the industry-leading grooving and parting tools that would provide you with a very high life and would justify your CPC. Even for unconventional sizes like 2.9mm, 1.7mm, etc. you don’t have to look around for a grove-turn tool, as we can provide plunge grooving tool for the same.

Milling Tools

When machining with milling tools, the possibilities are endless. And with our extremely wide range of milling tools, you are a step ahead of others. Be it indexable carbide, ceramic or CBN tools for milling your components or be it solid ceramic or solid carbide end mills, we have the technology to be able to serve your applications. Check out our complete milling range

Antivibration Boring Bar - Silent Tools

Anti-Vibration Boring Bars

Our anti vibration boring bars are based on the fifth generation of technology for damped boring bars. They do not have a gel. Instead, they have a polymer with vibration sensitive stiffness. This leads to much shorter reaction times compared to gel technology. Therefore, our anti vibration silent boring bars providing very high insert life as well as much better surface finish compared to any competitor in the market.

Anti-Vibration Milling Arbor

Our anti-vibration milling arbors are made with the fifth generation of technology for anti-vibration damping technology. Our damped milling arbors were specially developed for the die and mould industry. Today, our anti-vibration milling arbors are also being used very popularly in the aerospace and the automotive industry.

Available in BT40, BT0, HSK-63A and HSK-100A

Antivibration Milling Arbor - Silent Tools

Tooling for Swiss-Turn Lathes

With decades of extensive research in small and miniature machining, our partners have developed the most extensive range of tooling for Swiss-Turn Lathes. Because our range of Swiss-Style tooling range is so extensive, we have dedicated an exclusive page for that.

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