Micro Drills and Endmills

Micro Drills

As masters in small tooling, we engineer our micro drills with micro-grain carbide coated with proprietary coatings that enhance the life of the tool by many times and provide a precise hole with superior bore finish. Our drill are available starting from 0.1mm diameter with increments of 10 microns. The drills are available up to L/D ratio 12 as standard tools.


Micro End Mills

With our micro end mills starting at 0.1mm diameter, our tools made of micro-grain carbide are available in multiple L/D configurations with proprietary coatings. Our decades of experience in micro-tools means that we can guarantee accuracy, precision and repeatability with good life.

Micro Reamers/Boring Tools

With our micro boring and micro reaming tools starting at 0.8 mm and available in graduations of 10 microns, we have one of the most extensive range of tooling for finishing micro bores to achieve the best results, beyond your expectations, be it the surface finish or the tool life.


Micro Grinding Wheels

Our superabrasive micro-grinding wheels of CBN and Diamond start from 0.5 mm diameter and are available for various applications like ID grinding, surface grinding, cutting discs, cup wheels, etc. With Swiss-precision and quality, our wheels will bring the best tool life possible for your micro-grinding applications like syringes and other medical technology applications.

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