Cutting Tools that Serve the Aircraft and Aerospace Industries

In today’s globalized world, aerospace and aircraft industries play a vital role in keeping everyone interconnected. Be it communications or transportation, these industries are crucial to the majority of the sectors. Without these accompanying us, we can’t ship people or products and it would take weeks or even months to reach overseas. Navigation would still be reliant on maps and there won’t be any modern communications and entertainment. 

To make these industries successful one needs the best quality tools and that’s where cutting tools come into the picture. 

Be it the design or production of parts, the aircraft industry can’t survive without specially designed cutting tools like endmills, drills, routers and reamers. Aircraft is one of the major industries where a high quality of material designing, cutting, and production is needed. Lighter materials are there that can only be treated by advanced tooling equipment. Some of these tools are: 

  1. Piloted core drills
  2. Nutplate drills
  3. Adaptor drills 
  4. End mills

These tools are widely used in various phases of repair and production. 

If we talk about aerospace, then this industry is even more rigorous and the materials used here include things we see in science fiction. Advanced composites are needed that are light in weight and can easily leave Earth. On the other hand, these materials are needed to be strong enough to survive the launch. One of the most common materials that is used in the aerospace industry is Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) which are very light in weight and can bear strong atmospheric changes. These are abrasive and are usually layered with metal. The cutting tools that are needed for the aerospace industry must be able to finely cut CFRP without pulling any fibres causing delamination and should also be strong enough to drill through metals. 

At Machenzzo, you can find high-quality cutting tools that are available in various coatings like TiAlN, Diamond Coated, etc. These can finely drill composite materials. They offer the following advantages: 

  1. Prevent cracking and breaking 
  2. Prevent fraying and delamination 
  3. Are wear-resistant 
  4. Can drill through CFRP layered with metals. 

Here you can find all the cutting tools the aerospace industry depends upon like the one that is used in fixing equipment, power feed or for hand drilling jobs in difficult corners.

We know that the entire world depends on aerospace and aircraft, so their production demands should always be met. We at Machenzzo can help in that, call now for more info.   

Cutting Tools that Serve the Aircraft and Aerospace Industries
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